Interview: "I'll get what I like"


Interview: "I'll get what I like"

Another jewel has appeared on the patina of the Erzsébet Boulevard in Budapest, straight from the sunny Malta. Marvin Gauci, a celebrated and well-known chef in his home country, took the island's number one restaurant and brought it to Hungary, hoping to get the same results as in his home. And we are helping him gladly. A new restaurant, Caviar & Bull has opened at Corinthia Hotel.

Let's start with an obvious question: where does the name and concept of the restaurant come from?

It started in Malta. I talked to my friends and asked me if I would have a restaurant - which, of course, I did not even think about - how would I call it. I did not think much about what I was saying, added bull and caviar, and quickly corrected the order afterwards and said: Caviar and Bull would be better. There is a combination of fish and meat, soft and raw, sophisticated and massive, that is, two extremes. These are the things what I always look for in meals as well. Regarding the concept, Corinthia helped me a lot. Eventually, I got the place from them in one of the most beautiful parts of Malta in one of their hotels. When we felt that Malta was ready for another brand, we jumped into it and almost immediately managed to make a success story. So much that Malta's very high-ranking guests are choosing us, which is a really great honor for the whole team.

Can the Maltese effect also be felt on meals? What can we find on the menu?

Of course I consider Maltese cuisine, but I'm inspired from elsewhere. It is very important to be surrounded by people who have a good impact on me: about 120 members are in the team and two-thirds of them always come up with something good and very smart. From these ideas, recipes and meals are born, and my chefs - under the leadership of Executive Chef Sergi Huerga Marin both in Malta and Budapest - can make very creative catches. My job is to keep these - so-called - artists "in the line" and not let them to lose focus, or else we're falling into chaos. Of course I have my own eye on food, but what I'm really proud of is that different effects of more than 20 countries are recognizable on a menu. If someone reads it, you may find things that seem interesting first, such as Wagyu beef taco with mango chutney or lobster popcorn, but it soon turns out that these are very-very delicious.

What was your first reaction when you learned that Corinthia would like to open a Caviar & Bull in Budapest too?

My first reaction was that how beautiful this city is - as I knew I was coming here on vacation with my family as a guest of Corinthia. Then one day, the hotel manager showed me an empty space in the front of the hostel and said, "That's yours." After the first surprise, I felt in love with the space. It is a coincidence that László Kézdi, the GM of my restaurants in Malta is from Budapest and he has been eager for a year to open a restaurant on the continent as well. I'll get what I like so there was no question what will happen to us: I immediately called the guys and told them we are going to open a restaurant in Budapest.

What are your expectations of the opening in Budapest?

I am 38 years old and to bring it here what we built in Malta is a great challenge. People think here differently, they do not know me here, and apart from one or two people, I do not even know anyone. There are more than two thousand numbers in my phone which are totally useless here. I do not know who to call if something breaks or anything is wrong. Bureaucracy is also strong here in Hungary according to our first experience, and we still need to get acquainted with it. Likely expats and tourists will come to the restaurant, but we are also looking forward to the Hungarians, and even we are sure they will notice us, they will be interested in the place. The food is delicious, the place is elegant but still friendly and simple, everything settled to make our guests feel good.

What about the family now? Are they moving to Budapest too?

We will live in Malta and Hungary at the same time. Sure, there will be tough times but basically we are surrounded with very nice and helpful people. Like Mirjam!

So was Coninvest good to work with you?

I loved working with them! I would recommend them to others any time. They are highly professional people and they are not familiar with the impossible: if you want to do something, they will do it.

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