Gasztro tour: Vienna, Amstetten, Salzburg


Gasztro tour: Vienna, Amstetten, Salzburg

Coninvest and the Hungarian Catering Guild together organized an Austrian gastro-tour in autumn between 8-10th, October, and those who participated could enjoy 3 wonderful days seasoned with special professional programs.

The team first visited the Rauch juice bar in Vienna after which they went to the biggest party-service and child catering company of the capitol, Max Catering. In that facility they are producing, packaging, shocking and delivering 17 000 portions of food. It is worth calculating: every day they spend 3,75 EUR for the little children and 4,8 EUR for the adolescence.

The next program was also spent in the spirit of catering: visiting a non-food catering company – Bilfinger-Profimiet – which caters almost 800 balls in and around Vienna only in the winter season.

The palinka tasting at the Sepplbauer Obstler Palinka Factory – a family owned business – has also been very popular. Here, they produce pear and apple distillations and the fresh sheep cheese really fitted to the fruit palinkas.

The second day started with spices and smells with the visit to the empire of Raps spice factory where they are grinding 14 different peppers – though a little disappointing that it is manufactures between industrial confines, thus it is not grinded with grandmother’s pepper grinder and measured with a pharmacy scale but an automat comes and goes between the tanks combining the spices to the mega doses. In front of the spice-empire one can find the oldest beer factory of Austria, the Trum, where the drinks are produced with open fermentation and where the Hungarians were shown the stages of brewing beer.

The day ended in the oldest restaurant of Europe, the Sankt Peter Stift which was founded in 803 and where they cook with simplicity but with fantastic flavors, now for over 1200 years with undiminished success.

Saturday evening our tour led us to the airport in Salzburg. The purpose was not to take a flight but to enjoy an unforgettable meal in top gastronomy style. After the tour of Hangar 7 which showed the restaurant’s concept, design and kitchen the Hungarians could taste the real fine dining experience: 3-course meal was served in the restaurant upstairs with unrivaled view between earth and sky.

A gentleman greets the New Year and says good bye to the previous one with champagne, so the Hungarian team did just that: arriving in Vienna at the Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei they “tested” the packaged items to guarantee it can be served on New Year’s Eve. Well, should you have any doubts, we can assure you all that both this and the following year’s items exceed way above our expectations, the name Schlumberger still equals top quality.

You can reach the detailed photo-tour on our facebook page here.

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