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  • Elegance redefined

    Driving from Pest to Buda on the Elizabeth Bridge, you must have admired the architecturally similar buildings on both sides of the road, standing as a gateway to the bridge.

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    The myth came into existence back in 1898, thanks to Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel, who used all his passion and experience to reproduce mechanically the movement of the hand that cuts with a knife. His invention soon spread across the world. During the ‘50s, Berkel was not just an innovative product but also a true status symbol.

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  • Mozzarella

    Light summer salad from one of our favorite chefs 'Sergi', the chef of the newly opened Caviar and Bull restaurant. A real Mediterranean cure for the hot days, enjoy!

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  • Berkel
  • Coldelite
  • Ifi
  • Sirman
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