• Technical assistance, planning

    Knowledge and experience in the kitchen needs a long time as well. We help you to bring out the best of your meals and your cooking-knowledge. 

  • Installation

    Kitchen technology is the art of professionalism that is why we pay very close attention to the slightest detail when making a mechanic installation plan, knowing that the expertise within these little details presents the perfect whole.

  • Education

    All of Coninvest’s colleagues are competent, prominent-making, professional experts. Since our kitchens are a result of serious learning and expertise, we can only allow its usage in the hands of adapt people.

  • Maintenance

    Coninvest provides the possibility for a maintenance contract, through which we guarantee long life-span and operation safety to our means of production. In case of a successful maintenance contract during and after the guarantee period – thanks to the frequent control – we warrant that our kitchen technology devices are working long time and without any trouble. 

  • Professional service

    Coninvest runs its own service maintenance team in order to be able to act immediately in case of an incidental failure with the help of the most reliable source. 

  • Training

    It all starts with expertise. We are struggling every day to learn more and better with constantly following the international trends and the latest, most innovative initiatives.

  • Test machines

    Reliability is one of Coninvest’s supreme values. In the course of our work, technology and quality becomes an inseparable unit.

  • Newsletter subscription

    We are open-minded towards every client because we think it is best if we get to know each other’s needs, customs and values.

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