Samsung factory employee’s Restaurant – Jászfényszaru


Samsung factory employee’s Restaurant – Jászfényszaru

Angelo Po

When fast service and cheerful atmosphere are harmonized
830 m2 dining room and 550 m2 kitchen space: that was exactly the place available for Dorka Császár and the Coninvest team to design the new kitchen and canteen of the Samsung factory, according to the procurer’s requests.
She took inspiration from Korean patterns, choosing playful colors so that the employees can enjoy their meal in a luminous, vivid environment. Another important factor was to choose heavy-duty, high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials due to the rapid circulation. That is exactly why the factory of Jászfényszaru has been equipped with the machinery available in national distribution from Coninvest. Both the cooking machines of AngeloPo and the high-quality Dutch vent hood system with UV proved itself to be an excellent choice during the testing phase. Apart from these we had to provide unique furniture, lamps, the self-service counter and the decorations as well.
The specialty of the design was that the three color codes for the three different lunch menus (A, B, C) were represented in other places such as in the furniture, in the color of the walls and on the lamps as well. Those standing in the line can choose their menu of interest right at the door and then they can follow the color line representing the chosen menu, thus providing a much quicker service. Thanks to their own internal card system for payment, they get their orders in approximately two seconds.
We are very proud that this way, design and practicality can be in harmony and we are also very happy that the procurer was satisfied as well with the results.

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