Raiffeisen Zentralbank, Vienna


Raiffeisen Zentralbank, Vienna


In the company restaurant at the Raffeisen Zentralbank in Vienna there is always plenty to do every day in addition to the 1 600 main meals. The restaurant which is operated by the Caterer SV Group provides the complete catering services for catering in between meals, snacks and other activities such as catering for conferences and conventions as well as the company cafeteria.
So it was certainly a big shock last year as the kitchen, managed by head chef Bernhard Pass, was not able to be used due to water damage. However, this misfortune also prompted the RZB to implement the complete modernisation of the kitchen which had already been under consideration for some time.
The ROSTFREI company in Vienna was entrusted with the planning and implementation. Particular emphasis was placed on the fast completion of the project due to the fact that external catering had to be organised for the Raiffeisen employees during the renovation period. In view of the damage which had occurred it was also particularly important not to lay any electrical wiring in the kitchen floor. To implement all of this, the ROSTFREI company made the decision to equip the kitchen with highly professional appliances from MKN.
Several HansDampf combisteamers, various MKN pressure cooking appliances and an MKN cooking block all found their way into the new RZB kitchen. The MKN OptimaMeister cooking block, which was manufactured in one piece, was even lifted through a window into the company restaurant located on the 6th floor. To simplify maintenance and cleaning work all of the appliances have been suspended on modern bridge systems from MKN. In the meantime, the kitchen is in full operation again and thanks to the new MKN kitchen, a blessing in disguise is an apt description of events in Vienna.

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