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Elegance redefined

Driving from Pest to Buda on the Elizabeth Bridge, you must have admired the architecturally similar buildings on both sides of the road, standing as a gateway to the bridge.

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The myth came into existence back in 1898, thanks to Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel, who used all his passion and experience to reproduce mechanically the movement of the hand that cuts with a knife. His invention soon spread across the world. During the ‘50s, Berkel was not just an innovative product but also a true status symbol.

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Light summer salad from one of our favorite chefs 'Sergi', the chef of the newly opened Caviar and Bull restaurant. A real Mediterranean cure for the hot days, enjoy!

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Interview: "I'll get what I like"

Another jewel has appeared on the patina of the Erzsébet Boulevard in Budapest, straight from the sunny Malta. Marvin Gauci, a celebrated and well-known chef in his home country, took the island's number one restaurant and brought it to Hungary, hoping to get the same results as in his home. And we are helping him gladly. A new restaurant, Caviar & Bull has opened at Corinthia Hotel.

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Hungarian gastronomy at its highest…

… at any rate, this year’s Sirha will surely be noted in both the national and international gastro memory bays as well – and it need to be mentioned on Coninvest’s part as well.

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Gasztro tour: Vienna, Amstetten, Salzburg

Coninvest and the Hungarian Catering Guild together organized an Austrian gastro-tour in autumn between 8-10th, October, and those who participated could enjoy 3 wonderful days seasoned with special professional programs.

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Something different: a self-service restaurant – OZ, the wizard – somewhere in Buda…

Once upon a time, there was a factory building in the 11th district that waited demolition but a foreign businessman saw the force of the whirlwind in it and had it reconstructed. This became the Dorottya Garden Office building that reserved everything from the past, reconstructed it to the present to give it away for the future.

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Aria, in a 5-star way

The latest sensation of the capital nowadays is the recently opened Aria Hotel Budapest. The hotel ravishes not only its guests, the passers-by but also the tourists and those in the know of the hotel business with its moderate but also elegant atmosphere and with the level of comfort that can be grasped inside the walls of the building.

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Undoubtedly an Italian chef works with Italian equipment

The owners as well as the chef are Italians representing the authentic Italian gastronomy for the past three years.

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A must see: the Leaning Tower of Pisa with a little gastro garnish

Those who took part in the Italian gastro-tour of Coninvest Ltd. this summer (26-29th June) could enjoy a one-time experience. 

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