The myth came into existence back in 1898, thanks to Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel, who used all his passion and experience to reproduce mechanically the movement of the hand that cuts with a knife. His invention soon spread across the world. During the ‘50s, Berkel was not just an innovative product but also a true status symbol.

The value lies in the details
This year, Berkel became 120 years old. The Milan exhibition on the 120th birthday of Berkel was like a time travel. The history of Berkel and flywheel, featuring unique works of art, which will also be available at the traveling exhibition in Budapest too.

The B114's slicer models show an era where the machine, like a canvas, carries the history of the past 120 years. Epochs, styles and images are very expressive. There were wars, trends, happy times of peace. Fashion and symbols have changed over the time, but the structure and the one behind it are eternal. See you at the show!

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